The world changes. Do you?

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Faster pace of change. The productivity and complexity are constantly increasing. This is seen as dramatically faster pace of change. It took 75 years for telephone to gain 50 million users and 4 years for the internet. Pokemon Go reached 50 million users in 19 days.

Identify new opportunities. In the past when the future was predictable, planning and reporting were the corner stones of good management. Today, the key question is how quickly can you identify and take advantage of the new opportunities.


Complexity needs simplicity.


New world. New opportunities. The pace of change is constantly accelerating. We are racing in the attempt to figure out how AI, AR, machine learning and blockchain will change our business.

Good potential unused. You probably have great people and great competence? But for some reason, it is difficult to utilize all the potential you have? The puzzle seems to be too complex to solve?  

Complex puzzles are built of simple pieces. Don't worry. We will help you to solve the complex puzzle, one simple piece at a time.


Fast. Agile. Close to customers.

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Customer front. Where can we get the most recent information about the markets? What is the best place to identify new business opportunities? That's right. From you daily work at the customer front. 

Faster decisions. Even though the world changes, same laws apply for a good decision: it is done with first hand information and it is done on the right moment. The best place to make decisions is in the customer front.

Empower people. To make a good decision, people need to be able to co-operate and find the needed competence around them. They need to have a culture that empowers decision making and finding solutions. The first piece in the puzzle is to break your silos and bring people together. 


Workshops and Programs


Your people already have the needed capabilities. The new complex challenges just seem to be difficult to solve.

Complex puzzles are built of simple pieces. Our unique capability is to find a couple of simple pieces that relate to the high level challenge but are solved in one or few workshops. Examples of topics:

  • Customer driven sales team - agile team work, better sales.
  • Strategy in everyday decisions - how to know what's right?
  • Values in practice - what does our culture mean in my work?

The outcome of every workshop or program is a concrete change in your every day practices. One simple piece in solving the big puzzle. 


Millennial Board

Millennial board.png

New growth. Millennial Board is an unique reverse mentoring program that helps management teams to find new growth opportunities.

Building bridges. The average age of a management team in Finnish stock listed companies is 51.6 years. The Millennial generation (20-35 year old) are the future customers and employees. This program taps into the very essence of how the future generation views life.

Better questions. The target of the program is to raise better questions. These questions work as a perfect starting point for working on the solutions within your organization. One piece at a time.


Our competence


Academic research. Practical Experience.

Our approach is unique. It combines ground breaking academic research in Henley Business School and decades of hands-on experience in the global automotive industry. 

We are excellent strategic thinkers with broad understanding of business. But at the same time we dive into the practical level with our hands-on work experience.