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Get more sales. We had one primary goal in building this concept. Everything should aim to increase your sales. We are not sales consultants or a marketing agency. We take a much more holistic approach. This is why we actually can make an impact. 

Technology company aiming to penetrate global markets. Even though our concept was originally built for hi-tech sales, it can be applied even though your product wouldn't be that technical. You will increase your domestic sales, but you will find our concept almost crucial in international sales.

No bullshit. Rock solid competence. We've built our concept on decades of hands-on experience in global automotive industry. We've based our thinking on our leading-edge academic research. You will not find similar competence anywhere.


From technology to customer.

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Typically great technologies fail to succeed because the focus is mainly in the technology, not in the customer. You will overcome the change resistance by understanding your customer better.

Technology companies evolve through three phases. First you develop technology. Then you package it into a product. Finally you start creating services that make your customer succeed.  

In the third phase you start to reach three digit sales growth and high profits. Market breakthrough typically happens when you cross the line from product to customer phase. Even though there are no shortcuts, understanding the steps will shorten your journey significantly. 


Six elements of success.

Six elements to growth.png

Your market entry strategy should do two things: create the reason to buy and eliminate the barriers for buying. Sound simple? It is. But still, very rarely do companies take the effort to find the answers.

We have mixed together diverse academic thinking and decades of hands-on experience. As a result, we cooked you a unique six element framework for market breakthrough. Once these six elements are addressed properly, your market entry success is guaranteed! 

Six elements of a successful message:

  1. Bold vision - What’s happening in the world tomorrow?
  2. Customer & marketWho exactly buys? How big is the market? 
  3. Business modelWhat do we sell? Is it easy to buy?
  4. Competitive strategyWhere are we the best or the only?
  5. Customer processHow it adapts to customer’s operations? 
  6. Economic driverWhy would I invest half-a-million bucks?

    Practical. Academic. Competence.


    Our team has decades of hands-on experience from global automotive manufacturing, probably the most demanding industry you'll find. We've worked in factories, built global teams, opened markets and established companies. 

    So, we are doers. But we are thinkers as well. Doctoral studies on disruptive innovation and organizational research on customer satisfaction give us a deeper insight of what's happening. Strong academic background and in-built interest for understanding the world are driving us to combine theory and practice to make an impact.


    How to get started?


    There are several ways we can work together. On every step on the way you will get practical tools that will help you in your sales, immediately. Usually our customers start light and gradually increase involvement and impact. One simple way to start light is to join one of our training sessions.

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    If you haven't used your "Tekes innovaatioseteli" yet, this is the best way to start. You will get an exclusive program, completely free of charge. You will get practical tools, guideline for future and a bunch of new understanding. 

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