Go BIG. Or go home. 

Greatest business opportunity. No free lunches. 

USA is the greatest business opportunity for many companies. Entering US markets is not a walk in a park, but if you are up for the rodeo, it can be done successfully.

Succeeding in USA requires that a few simple things are done properly and at the same time. You will need resources, but the trick is not to waste them in wrong and useless things. 

Where to go in the US?

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You will get as many answers as you ask different people. However, the only relevant opinion is to go where your customers are.

Mid-west and the rust belt is where the manufacturing is. If you locate in the tri-state (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana), you will have 56 % of all US manufacturing within 90 minute flight and one day trucking time.

Our service is focused for companies related to manufacturing or consumer products. That's why our network is there, waiting for you. 


Program we would have needed.


We had a unique advantage in designing our program. Short time ago, we opened the US market from zero to millions. We did it ourselves, hands-on. It took five years and we did all the possible mistakes. "If only someone could have showed us the way, we would have saved years".

So we developed such service. We have built a service for you which we would have needed ourselves. It is a progressive three step program, where you invest your resources at the right moment.

First, we build you a realistic road map, based on your situation. Second, we prepare all the material and resources that will be needed. Third, we take-off and help you through your first year in the USA. 


1 - Boot Camp

This 1-2 month program builds you the road map for a successful market entry. It goes through all the critical issues needed for success.

You can expect clarification to your sales message and strategy. You will also see your customers in a more focused way. You will be able to use the learning and improvements in your existing business right away. 

If  you haven't yet used your "Tekes innovaatioseteli", this stage is free of charge!

2 - Tools Ready

3 - First Year


Stage 2 continues where stage 1 ends. In this 2-6 month program we will together with you  actually build the tools for successful market entry.   

During this stage we will develop a sales message that works in USA as well as update your web page and other material. 

The material and competence created at this stage will be usable in your existing business right away.

Stage 3 is a kick start for your local US operation. Our local business executives will walk you through your first year in the USA.

We take care of all the practicalities, such as offices, phones and cars. We will also support you in employment and legal issues. You will have a personal business mentor and you will go through a "mini-MBA of US business".  

After the first year, your local organization is growing and doing sales independently. 

Our competence

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Doctoral research. Practical Experience.

Our approach is unique. It combines ground breaking doctoral research in Aalto University and decades of global hands-on experience in the technological transformation of automotive manufacturing. 

We are excellent strategic thinkers with broad understanding of business. But at the same time we dive into the practical level with our hands-on work experience.