Breakthrough to global markets.


Global market means more sales. Finland is 0.17 % of the global market. Still many companies try to get more sales without going global. Often because they are afraid of international business. 

Hard work but simple. Penetrating global markets takes time and effort. But when you understand the game, it is very simple. International business might be unknown, but there's nothing to fear.

Six elements of success. We have mixed together hands-on experience with diverse academic thinking. Get the six elements right and your international market entry success is guaranteed!


We think. We do. Differently.

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Innovations are combinations. To be able to combine things in a new way you need to understand several fields and look from different angles. 

Holistic approach. We believe you need to understand both technology and psychology, bring sales and HR together and combine customer focus with disruptive innovation. 

Practical but academic. We've worked in automotive factories, built global teams, opened markets and established companies. Combine this with a doctoral thesis on disruptive technologies and organizational research on customer satisfaction. That makes us different.