Nordic. Business. Lab.

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Nordic. The power of Nordic nature is in the beautiful balance of strong opposites. We believe that the same applies to greatly successful businesses. 

Business. We believe you need to understand both technology and psychology, bring sales and HR together and combine customer focus with disruptive innovation. 

Lab. In our business lab, we cooked all these ingredients together and serve them to you on one plate. This is how culture and strategy eat breakfast together at Nordic Business Lab.



Our Story

On the road again. We were driving on the highway, heading south on Interstate 75. In front of us we had our new office in Cincinnati and newly recruited team. Behind of us was 10 years in global automotive industry, successful market entry to US and lots and lots of miles. On the road we started talking if someday we could use our learning to help others. As many do, we wanted to contribute to the success of Finland.

Along the road we figured that the kind of experience we had was not available anywhere in Finland. Not many people have solved critical problems of the leading automotive manufacturers, such as Daimler and BMW. Thousands of hours in over hundred factories across four continents had given an understanding of global business that surely could benefit Finnish companies.

Year after our conversation on the I-75 and our thoughts had become reality. Today we help Finnish companies to navigate the rocky waters that became so familiar to us. We help larger companies to succeed in the ever more complex world and technology companies to enter international markets. And off course, we work with our good American friends to assist companies entering US markets.

Maybe tomorrow the circle closes and we find ourselves helping the automotive industry again. Whatever comes, on thing is for sure. We are dedicated to our mission of turning the great Finnish know-how into globally successful business. And well being of people. 


Our Mission

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Imagine a country where award-winning education and world class competence would be turned into great business. Imagine how much well-being such a nation could afford to have.

Our mission is to turn the great capabilities we have in Finland into profitable business and national well-being. Finland is a society worth fighting for. This is what we do!


Different. Holistic. Innovative.

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Innovations are combinations.  To be able to combine things in a new way you need to understand several fields and look from different angles.  

Diverse thinking. Practical solutions. Our unique background of global automotive experience and strong academic research gives us the unique ability to find innovative and concrete solutions.

Culture and strategy eat breakfast together. Half a century ago Peter Drucker famously said: "culture will eat your strategy for breakfast". Here at Nordic Business Lab they eat it together, hand in hand.


Valtteri Tuominen


Valtteri has been working in the frontline of technological breakthrough for a decade, traveling across the globe. Various roles from technical specialist to CEO have brought a strong insight to the different elements of successful business.

PhD in technology combined with a organization psychology and leadership focused MBA gave the foundation for opening the US market and building a self-managed local organization that continues rapid growth.

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Tommi Wulff


For a decade Tommi brought Finnish technology to global automotive industry in various roles, from factory floor installations to managing projects and leading multi-national teams. Hands-on work has created the understanding of what customer front line work is in practice.

Tommi’s strong humane mind-set combined with an engineering education has been key in successfully recruiting and building multi-national top performing teams.

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